Thursday, 25 February 2010

The New SL Browser

Well I am trilled to bits by the changes in the new SL browser!
I am not going into great detail – there is plenty of that around, I will just list a few of the things I have done over the last two nights :-)

•    Shared an etherpad with loads of people – including using the log in facility to keep it private to a group of learners
•    Streamed myself into SL through Twitcam – entertaining – the virtual me watching the real me :-)  but very easy if you want to do it
•    Pete shared his desktop with me through Adobe Connect – and we played a video from his computer into SL
•    Nergiz started a DimDim session that we could join in with, and see her broadcasting live into SL
•    We shared several Flickr photo slideshows
•    We played a slideshare presentation
•    I added loads of different web pages to a cube prim – these were scrollable and the links worked
•    We updated – between a group of us – Moodle, our VLP, our Nings, our blogs and Twitter – logging in and updating
•    I – sorry, rather childish I know – played Tetris and an assortment of other Flash and drag and drop games.
•    I played videos from a variety of places – some of which are not available on You Tube but will be very useful in my teaching in SL.

I have several more experiments to do tomorrow but so far I am really thrilled with what I have seen of it and the potential that it opens up to learners and teachers in Second Life.

Thanks to Graham, Anna, Nick, Pete, Nergiz, Marisa and Leon – in fact anyone who came along this evening and had a play with whomever of the group were experimenting.


Anonymous said...

格主的部落格內容真豐富~~看得很開心 ....................................................

Nergiz said...

Hi Carol!

Just seen the link to this on Twitter :)
It was a fun and fruitful evening. Really looking forward to having my first course with students with the new viewer.


Carolrb said...

It is such an improvement - I am delighted with it :-) Thanks for the comment! See you soon....