Thursday, 9 July 2009

A Visit to the Art Box

Tuesday evening saw the last e-safety session of this course and as usual we went visiting places in Second Life. In fact we did not visit places, we got stuck on the first place and look loads of photographs! The Art Box is a lovely new build by Frankie Rockett and a friend whose name I could nto find on the build - sorry! It is lots of fun. It is based on a holodeck and famous paintings. One chooses a picture and the holodeck builds the scene for the picture but allows visitors to replace the people in the real picture. There are pose balls placed so that people pose as they did in the real image and props to help set the scene. For the whole set of pictures take there see the flickr set –

To visit The Art Box you need to be a member of Second Life and follow this Slurl:

I just wish this could be available for pupils in school, just imagine the discussion about the artist, artist’s life, what the picture means, represents, how it is constructed etc! I am continually amazed at what Second Life could offer to the education of the young and they are not allowed in, it is so sad!

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