Monday, 13 July 2009

A session with Wlodek Barbosa

Thursday night I attended the Osnagroup session with Wlodek Barbosa. Usually I attend these sessions which are mostly English language learning based as the recording person rather than as an interested party, though of course they are often interesting, it is just that I am not an English teacher!

This particular session was interesting because it was about teaching with games in Second Life and I am particularly interested in that. Wlodek uses a system that he calls Phonetic Augmented Virtuality Objects or PAVed Objects to make his games. I actually recognised a few of the textures and scripts that Wlodek was using - there were bits there that I developed :-) This actually encourages me to keep on trying to develop new bits and makes me also realise that textures that I upload can help others.The games are all fun, easy to play and exlain and are well used over Wlodek's 42 session course, so they have had a fair test!

It is interesting that Wlodek concentrates on phonics to develop pronunciation, it relates strongly to how some many teach reading to small children here in the UK. Foreign language learning is so closely linked to initial language learning, if only adults could learn like children :-)

I did love the finder that Wlodek demonstrated, I can't see how I could use it at the moment but it is great fun.

For a reording of the event listen here:

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