Saturday, 28 June 2008

Kaleidos Portal Administration Training

26th and 27th June 2008-07-01
Well – my head is spinning after the two day event but the possibilities for the Learning Platform look quite exciting.
I like the interactive resources that can be easily and quickly made in the interest spaces. Flash can be added to a page, slide shows can be added. Quizzes, web quest s etc. are all very easy to create and share. These interest areas can be shared with all pupils in all schools, and set up by any school. Where we have real pockets of expertise we hope they will be prepared to share resources, experiences and ideas so that we can all benefit from their very good practice.
In theory I now know how to do all of it – in practice of course I am sure I will make many mistakes – I certainly did during the training .
The overall structure is one of schools and LA being parallel, different from what we are used to where it was a hierarchical tree. What is slightly worrying at present is that it seems we cannot get an automatic log into to all schools LPs so that when they phone up in a panic saying I have done …XYZ… and can’t get out of it, can’t get it right etc, we will not be able to log in to the same area to say , “Ah I can see what you have done, if you do…xyz… or shall I do it for you?” I spent so many hours in that position with the last county LP that I find it hard to see how we will cope.
The only thing that I am not sure about is that the VLE sits outside everything. It is not a shared area. One school cannot share its VLE with another school so pupils studying for exams in two or more schools are going to have real problems access the shared folders. Apparently that is due to change before Christmas.

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