Thursday, 7 July 2016

Photospheres 2 - trying indoors

I have been studying photospheres to see how people are using them!
What I would like to achieve is to make conversation or story starters.
One image which I saw, and it looked really good, was inside a workshop which gave me a whole new set of ideas.

I thought that if I could do that I would add in all sorts of artefacts to create different scenes.

I tried a 360 photo in my office - there is lot in here that could be used to start a discussion, books, photos, ornaments, two dogs, technology, all sorts. My office is far too small, the image was totally jumbled, I think each shot overwrote what went before.

I moved into our largest room, the living room, this is quite a big room. The first three tries were dreadful, bits of coffee table, books, chairs all got jumbled up. I moved the coffee table over to the patio windows so it was not in the middle of the room and got a reasonable, though far from perfect 360 photograph. I had set up just a few props to see if it was possible, the teddies in the chair, a photo, open wooden box, flowers - most of which are no use as they are not clear.

I think it needs to be a big classroom, school hall or similar to be able to set up an indoor story starter. Outdoors it is easy to makes 360 photos but detail can't easily be seen so anything that a teacher wants to inspire discussion or story writing would need to be near the photographer and fairly large.

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Antonella Berriolo said...

ohh nice house and nice dogs!