Monday, 18 June 2012

Herons Day 2

I started to watch for the heron about 4.30 this morning - there was no sign! I stood for ages with the camera ready and saw nothing except the usual bunnies! Eventually about 9am I gave up, came downstairs, made coffee, put toast on, looked up the field there there was a heron! In fact when I got the long range lens out it was two together!

Back upstairs to see two beautiful big birds in the field, they are different, I am guessing one is male and one female as they are territorial usually.

At first they stood close together, then moved apart. One marched off into the bushes and I thought he would fly over to the pond to try fishing - but Bob (beagle) disturbed them and they flew off.

We visited an aquatic centre and bought a water jet heron scarer and have now removed the netting - it just spoiled the pond!