Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Test the highlighter tool

After reading about a blog highlighter tool on Nicky Hockley's  blog: http://www.emoderationskills.com/?p=594 today I decided to try it. I went to the website  http://highlighter.com/ and signed up, got my code, embedded it in the page where it is supposed to go... and it does not work!!

I went back and read the instructions for Blogger - they are the same as for everything else...

So - does it work on a new post and not the old post? No!

Back to the drawing board ;-)

Hmm - come back to it and used two different templates....
driver touble - again!


Carolrb said...

Well suddenly after Sue Lyon-Jones got her highlighter working and sent me a message mine is too :-) I am pleased and have saved the most stupid quotations from my own blog but never mind!! Okay where are some of those gems?

Elena said...

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i like it
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Carolrb said...

Thanks Elena

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