Friday, 15 April 2011

Week 2 MobiMOOC

Hi MobiMoocers - I am not at all sure where I should have posted my mLearning project so will put it here :-)  already posted it on the wiki for week 2 but obviously no-one found it there :-)
Hope that is okay!!

My Learning Project 

Define your objectives:
  • Why do you want a mobile learning project?
I am still exploring the possibilities of mLearning and take every opportunity of trying new things out for the primary classroom
  • What unique result do you want to achieve?
To motivate pupils to explore local history and get involved with researching, finding and sharing information in groups to make presentations for school assemblies.
  •  How you will know when you have met your goals?
On presentation day and by talking to the pupils and their teacher
  • How will you evaluate your effectiveness?
By talking to the pupils and their teacher and looking at the pupils’ work, how they worked, the motivation levels etc. all anecdotal

Define your audience:
  • For whom is your mobile initiative intended?
Primary school pupils at a local primary school
  • What user support do you need to provide?
Nothing extra to normal classroom support, I doubt that the pupils will be phased in any way

Define your budget
  • What do you need to get the project done?
  • How are you going to fund it?
  • How long will you be able to sustain it?
Apart from my time the project is already funded – the school have 30 iPod Touches for the class.
The class have the iPod Touches for 12 weeks, this will be a small project within that time
Identify your Instructional strategies
  • Is it an interactive team / community network?
  • Is it a broadcast distribution framework?
  • Is it for formal learning programs or informal learning assets?
It will be informal learning, assessment will be by outcomes i.e their presentations
  • Who is going to produce the content (e.g. is it going to depend on community or commercially produced content)?
I will do the research and produce the content
  • Where is the content going to reside? N/A
  • Who is responsible for placing content in repository? N/A
  • What content distribution methods will be used (e.g., web delivery, copyright, registration for use, charges, etc.)?
I will distribute the qr codes
  • What content management mechanisms need to be in place?
  • How will you assess learning?
I will teach the pupils only how to read the qr codes and let them explore the local are 5. Identify your stakeholders
Primary school children, their parents and their teachers

Identify the technology
  • Who will provide the service?
School wifi
  • What kind of reception technologies will be used?
iPod Touches with QR code readers
  • What content creation tools will be used?
Any of the presentation / story making apps or Quick Office on the iPod Touches – pupils make their own choice
  • What network will be used for distribution?
School wifi / DropBox
  • What security mechanisms will you have in place?
The county filtering system
  • What kind of user interface will you use?
The iPod Touch and an Interactive Whiteboard
  • What user support will you provide?
Normal classroom support – I do not anticipate that anything extra will be needed

Determine Intellectual Property

My own – shared freely with the pupils and anyone interested under s CC license. I am still experimenting with mLearning and examining what excites pupils and motivates them to really get involved with a project.

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