Friday, 3 December 2010

EduBlog Awards Nominations 2010

Well  - here we are at the last second, I am with a friend, sat in Second Life, trying to think of all the wonderful blogs I read regularly and can't think of them.... ooohhh should have started earlier!

 EduBlog Awards Nominations 2010 

I am sure there should be more - but this is it for me - if I have left you out - I am sorry please don't take it personally!

Best individual blog  E-moderation Station  An enjoyable introduction to many technological terms, explained really clearly – good for use with teachers new to ICT!

Best New Blog A great new blog full of interesting teaching ideas.

Best individual tweeter @eyebeams – keeps me up to date with educational and technological events in the UK!

Best group blog - Kyle and Graham give lots of ideas for using games to learn! I frequently share their ideas with Oxfordshire schools.

Best resource sharing blog - Loads of wonderful tools for teachers are reviewed and shared on this blog, again I often share the ideas with Oxfordshire teachers.

Most influential blog post - - Bullied, Blackmailed, Defamed, Threatened…The shock of the year! A salutary warning to all of us how vulnerable we are in cyberspace. We really do not know who we are talking to all of the time. That this can happen to such a lovely person is beyond belief.

Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion #UKedchat a weekly discussion on various aspects of education.

Best teacher blog Dawn Halleybone Dawn shared her games based learning ideas – a gift to all educators:-)

Best educational tech support blog loads of lovely web 2.0 ideas offered here ;-)

Best educational use of video / visual  This is a great resource for all teachers whenever they are trying to work out how Web 2. tools work!

Best educational use of a virtual world #SLanguages 2010

Best use of a PLN Shelly Terrell - #EdTech


Shelly Terrell said...

Thanks Carol for nominating the #Edchat wiki! You're such an inspiration! Great meeting you at IATEFL this year and hope we meet again in Brighton!

Carolrb said...

Hi Shelly, thanks:-) I will come to Brighton if I can manage it, Got a spare sofa for me?

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Carolrb said...

Hi Wheelchair
Thanks for reading - Enjoy :-)