Friday, 30 July 2010

Google Tools

I have been involved in discussions about the use of Google Tools in the classroom twice in as many days. On the first, with a group of educators, we decided that a set of screen casts showing teachers how to use them would be good,  the second, last night on #ukedchat was where @didactylos said there are already loads of resources out there we just need to find them – so – here goes…

This list is by no means exhaustive – but hopefully these will be some of the most useful for learning the tools and giving ideas how to use them for teachers.  The Google Teacher Academy  resources  - there are some amazing resources here – it is going to take me ages to look through them all, there are so many useful videos and ideas. Also the people that went on the Google Teacher Academy yesterday may start blogging and add their ideas. If so I will try to list them as well.  Google Apps for Education

Get Google apps for your school

Google Apps training centre

Google Docs

Screen Casts and Ideas - a set of five videos, calendar, mail, talk, docs and opening page screencasts includes forms and making a Google website

A whole Google search result

24 Interesting ways to use Google Docs in the Classroom


Sketchup -

Video Tutorials

Self paced tutorials

Primary school projects

Geo Education Google Earth & Google Maps Google maps, Earth, Sky and incorporating Sketchup

Google Earth for educators

Google Maps Mania

25 interesting ways to use Google Earth in the Classroom

Using Google Maps in Education including tutorials



How to use Blogger

Using Blog to integrate Technology in the classroom


Picasa in Education
How can Picasa be used in Education

If anyone knows or more resources that schools really need to enable them to use the Google Tools in the classroom please do add them as comments, or e-mail them to me and I will add them to the post.