Saturday, 30 May 2009

Chinese Lessons in Second Life

As I popped in-world to pick something up the other day a friend invited me to a Chinese taster class. I went, purely out of interest, I am not likely to be trying to learn Chinese, but was fascinated by the introductory session. We managed to say a few words and started to learn about numbers. Using tones as part of a language is something completely new to me, but very interesting! The Chinese language includes four tones and the written language based on graphical stokes akin to paintings. There are thousands of graphical characters instead of just the two dozen or so letters of the Western alphabet, I can’t begin to imagine really trying to learn it J

Ling Teardrop led the session, I believe that the Chinese lessons are being run by Language Lab. At the end of it she took us all on a dragon boat ride – it was quite spectacular!

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The Charter:

Ever wanted to learn Chinese but didn't have the time? Ever wanted to spend some time living and studying in China but can't fit it in to your busy life ? Our Learning procedure takes place in Second Life, a 3D virtual world. We have built tools and lessons for language learning, our study plans are designed to meet your specific Chinese learning goals.

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