Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Holodeck Project

The Holodeck Project

Last night was the first meeting of the Holodeck project being led by Leon Cych aka Eyebeams Electricteeth in Second Life.

Unfortunately I was late getting in having to download the new browser and having, just at that moment, dreadful bandwidth.

We spent the session exploring what a holodeck is and what it does. We looked at two, one that opens rooms such as The hotel lobby, a movie theatre, a night club, a bust station, a conference hall, a hideaway, an aquarium, and asylum or a barnyard around you and the other, a Paradise blanket, that transports you to the room you choose. It selection of available rooms are: a café, deep sea, Japan, a club, a diner, a grave yard, a castle, a camp, classroom, hotel, pool, paradise, dungeon, classroom, grotto amongst many others!

The huge advantage of a holodeck is that you can have as many different teaching situations as you could possible imagine, more or less on demand. It takes just a few seconds to clear away one scene and open another. The prim count is only for the scene that is open at the time.

For more about the project read Leon’s blog

I am  not sure yet what format the project is going to take but hopefully it will lead to something useful.

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