Wednesday, 24 December 2008

It's Christmas!

How have I missed that particular line of a very well known Christmas song so far this year? What a delightful time of year. After a pretty dreadful autumn weatherwise it is very mild here. I have been cooking and just taken the dogs out for a walk, it will soon be time for visitors to arrive and the celebrations to begin.

As usual, in between times, I am playing around on the computer. I have followed someone else's (thanks Gavin - your words are better than mine) recent blog back to its source and created my own word cloud based on my Twitters from the last seven or eight months.

I think it is easy to see that I don't take my life or work nearly seriously enough :-) Maybe I should put MacBeth in and see what a sensible word cloud looks like!

Hmm - no comment on that :-)

I have suddenly been asked to do several small things in Second Life, and am preparing to run, with a colleague, our very first course in there. It has taken a long time to start to break into the educator's group in-world but it is happening, which I find very exciting!

Ah well - I have nothing really to say, just rambling - so I will give up and wish you all a very merry Christmas and the happiest, best possible 2009.

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