Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Wow – a long time since I have written an entry! It has been very busy at work and I have been very busy in Second Life – so no spare time :-) Now I am on leave for a week so lots of time to catch up.

I started playing around with sound files for Halloween, and after the success of the Burning Life display built some Halloween themed musical resources along the same lines – walk through, step on etc. So many people who visited my little plot on EduNation enjoyed them they started nagging me to start selling them. 

We had already given up the shop just a few weeks after opening it so there was not much chance. On looking around for somewhere suitable I found that the shops are all small, have a fair number of prims but not much physical space. It just did not seem possible to be able to sell them from a shop as they need to be seen and experienced rather than flat packed with a picture. My search led me to the island of Sadie where Sexxxy Bliss runs a Halloween mall. She was happy for me to have the front lawn – so a new shop was created! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sadie/172/103/22 

Sexxxy has only just acquired the sim so the island mall is not well established yet but it promises to be good and to change with the festival. So with Halloween this coming weekend, I am trying to create Christmas stock to replace the Halloween stuff.

I have learned a new technique from in world from an in-world friend, see Tidal Blog on the right!  http://tidalblog.blogspot.com/   
After going to Information Island in-world and asking how I could upload animated gifs to be used in-world and told specifically it could not be done, this was a really nice find. I can now upload animated gifs to add to posters to play in-world. I am adding music to them that plays with a touch script and they are proving popular. One prim, action and sound – not bad value, especially if you are trying to add seasonal decorations on a shoestring of prims. 

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