Saturday, 27 September 2008

Burning Life 2008 part 1

Wednesday morning I received an e-mail offering me a plot in the Burning Life 2008 Festival in Second Life. I had hoped for one, in fact, thought I would get one enough to have prepared some sections of build ready for use. Unfortunately it was about 6.30 am and I was just leaving home to run a full day's training so could not even get on the land until about 8pm the same day. The next couple of days were a bit hectic, it needed to be finished by Saturday and I have a full time job.

So – now it is Saturday, about two hours from opening and my build is finished. I am satisfied that is ia as good as I can make it.

It is basically a soundscape, an art work of colour, texture and sound. 
The build comprises mainly of a spiral of 3 metres in diameter, richly textured coloured balls that, when walked though, play snippets of music. There is a wide variety of 9 plus second musical clips and most times several are playing together as they are triggered by the collision of the avatar with the ball.  There is a second smaller musical work, a pentatonic platform giving several ostinati and tubes that play notes from the pentatonic scale when walked though.
It is late afternoon in the UK, early morning in Second Life. The Burning Life sims are closed to give the organisers a chance to check everything out before opening to the public at 9 am SLT.
All the information about the festival and how it relates to the real life Burning Man festival can be found here

What I am hoping to do is record some of the builds that I find interesting on the blog. I have had a chance to look around and there are some wonderfully exotic builds to see, it will be interesting to get the response of visitors. 

There is a lovely art build where the real life artist does paintings of scenes inside Second Life, two, at least, builds about pets, one about cats and one about several different pets. There is a huge washing up bowl with cups and saucers piled up toward the sky in a barely balanced column. There are people riding about on slugs, wearing cupcakes, carrying balloons etc, and even before it opens the place was a buzz of excitement, interactivity and friendship.

The whole event promises to be quite exciting and very interesting.

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