Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Playing with some Web 2.0 Classroom Tools

I have just spent about an hour looking at a few of the flash tools available at http://www.classtools.net. There are lots more templates, these three are the first the inspired me! They are worth investigating for use on a whiteboard. All are editable by pupils or teachers and offer an instant visual representation of what is being done. I imagine some of the templates could be used for almost any subejct and could easily inspire creativity and collaboration.

The Lights Out Template

Click here for full screen version

On the full screen version allow pupils to take the small flame over sections of the picture and start to sketch various bit of what they can see. Once that is complete discuss what they have found as a class. Click several times on the bigger msgnifying glass to increase the size of the flame to show more and more of the image and focus on detail. This could be used in art using pictures to study detail, history using photographs, science using microscope images and geography using something like Googlemaps.

The jigsaw template

Click here for full screen version

Pupils could use this one to develop arguments or discussion points, writing for and against in different coloured jigsaw pieces.
It could be used for sorting, possibly for brainstorming.

The Timeline

Click here for full screen version

Pupils could be encouraged to add any information to a timeline on any subject. They could work collaboratively on decades, for example, as part of a history topic on the 20th Century.

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